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Freeze these special moments of time with your littles before they are gone!

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Newborn Photography OKC

Simple and timeless, preserving your memories is what Newborn Photography OKC is all about. If you’ve been searching Newborn Photography near me or Baby Photography near me, you’ve arrived at the perfect place!

Our passion is capturing those precious, fleeting moments and the love and connection between mamas and their sweet babies...and Dads too! From pregnancy to a growing family, we’re here to help you document those special moments in your life.

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About Newborn Photography OKC

In the busy-ness of life, the beauty is sometimes forgotten with all the hustle and bustle of our daily stresses. Perhaps today, you typed in Newborn Photographer near me, and just like that, here we are, Newborn Photography OKC is ready to preserve those newborn smiles and snuggles for a lifetime. Our passion is to deliver to you, our client, the special feelings of these quickly passing moments so they never fade from memory.

We’ve been serving the OKC community and surrounding areas for several years and we specialize in newborn photography, maternity and family photos. We want to spend time getting to know about you and your lifestyle so that we can capture your individual personalities and passions.

Pregnancy is a sacred and beautiful time, but can often be stressful and uncomfortable. Expectant and brand new mama’s don’t always feel special or beautiful. It is our goal for your photo sessions to be stress-free. We want to help you bask in the wonderful, sweet moments that these are and let the memories be a treasure that you look back on with fondness and sweetness.

Because this is what we specialize in, our experience and attention to detail will bring you the desired results you are hoping for. We know how to gently handle your newborn to be able to get the sweetest newborn baby pictures without you having to worry and stress. Safety to your precious little one is of utmost concern to us as well as you. Let us take you through the process of documenting this precious time. It is such a privilege to serve you.

Why Choose Us?

Because of our experience and expertise, we create artistically beautiful keepsakes that will be a treasure to your family for generations.

With so many options these days, it’s nice to know that here at Newborn Photographer OKC, we offer a variety of options as well. We want your experience to be individually focused and artfully designed.

  • A consultation appointment helps us to determine what your vision is and how we can bring that to fruition.
  • We have a selection of lovely maternity gowns for you to choose from for a beautiful maternity session.
  • We also have props, blankets and bows for your sweet, little newborn to use.
  • A viewing and ordering session will be scheduled for you to look at what we’ve created together.
  • This is truly an investment and understanding individual and family budgets, we work with you to get you what you want.
  • We have a full-service studio, although we also offer location sessions, and we can discuss newborn photography in home as well.

We have had the privilege of serving in the OKC community for a long while now and love working with expectant parents and families to create unique, heirloom quality keepsakes that will last a lifetime. We hope we can serve you as well.

Give us a quick call or fill out our form and we will contact you with a consultation time. We look forward to hearing from you.

okc baby photographer
okc newborn photographer

What To Expect?

Inspiration, style and simplicity are just some of the values that set us apart. We have a full-service studio, but also love to do sessions out on location. Variety is something that appeals to most everyone and it’s what we offer here at OKC Photography.

Clients come to Newborn Photography Oklahoma City because they know they can depend on professionalism as well as personalized attention. We take care to ensure you feel how important you are to us.

We love building a relationship that can take us through the years of your first maternity photos to your beautiful newborn poses, to those precious milestones as your family grows and expands.

From your first consultation with a Newborn Photographer Oklahoma City which we love to do in person, but can be done over the phone, to selecting the right photo sessions for you, we will work with you every step of the way. When it’s time for your viewing and ordering session, till the final product is delivered, we want you to feel that you are the priority.

Our attention is focused on you as well as our camera lens. We look forward to producing beautiful, treasured keepsakes to take you through generations.

Our Newborn Photography Services

Newborn Photography OKC provides full-service photography from the very beginnings of your family throughout the many stages of growth and expansion. From beautiful maternity photography to delicate, intimate newborns, to whole families with all the trimmings. We can hold your session right here in our professional studio, or we can select a beautiful location that fits your family and lifestyle. We look forward to serving you in all the various capacities and as you grow into each new phase.

OKC maternity photography

Maternity Photography

For Maternity Photography, we have a beautiful selection of gowns for you to borrow to help you look and feel stunningly radiant for your photo session. These photos are taken by our maternity photographer OKC with care and with the purpose of conveying your love and connection to your unborn child. In addition, partners and other children are welcome to join in on some of the fun, to make this a beautiful family event as you look forward to welcoming a lovely, little addition to your home.

okc family photography

Family Photography

At Newborn Photography Oklahoma City, we know the sweet beginnings of those snuggly newborns are so precious. Our studio is equipped for baby photography Oklahoma City with props and wraps and bows for delightful, individual poses of your beautiful new babe. We love to include families in these first shots as well, mom, dad, other youngsters if you have them! We’re excited to bring the whole family together for this special, little celebration of life

About Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City’s beginnings are like a scene out of a Hollywood movie. It came into being in the Great Land Run on April 22, 1889, when a great many people ran over the border to claim unsettled land. By the end of the day there were over 10,000 settlers who claimed the unassigned land and OKC came into being.

With a population of 4 million, Oklahoma City is the state capital of Oklahoma. Along with its cowboy culture, capitol complex and surrounding oil wells, Oklahoma City is known for its resiliency after recovering from the devastating bombing of 1995 that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and claimed the lives of 168 victims.

A memorial was erected with a reflecting pool and 168 glass and bronze chairs to commemorate the lives that were lost. It is a beautiful site to visit and reflect on.

Surrounding areas include:

  • Norman
  • Edmond
  • Moore
  • Yukon
  • New Castle
  • Fairwood
  • Tuttle
  • Nichols Hills
  • Goldsby
  • Other Areas!


Q. When should I book my maternity session?

Maternity Photos are generally taken between 30 and 36 weeks along and it’s better to book early so you don’t have to feel stressed.

Q. What is the best time to book a session for my newborn?

At Newborn Photography Oklahoma City, the best time for taking newborn photos is generally between 5-14 days. That’s when those wee ones are still very sleepy and easy to work with. You should call and let us know when your due date is and then we can keep in contact about the best time and place.

Q. What if my newborn is fussy?

That’s a great question. Here at Newborn Photographer Oklahoma City, we know sometimes babies are fussy, even as newborns when they tend to sleep more. We love babies though, and your baby photographer OKC will try to soothe and work with a fussy baby. If we conclude that it just isn’t going to work that day, we can reschedule because we understand newborn pictures OKC are so important.

Q. What are your baby photography prices?

Cost is definitely a concern as many of us are on budgets and newborn photography prices can vary. At your consultation, we will discuss cost options with you and ways to make what you’re looking for the most affordable. A great idea, if you’re on a very tight budget is to put newborn photography on your shower registry, friends and family are often happy to help with something so precious.

Q. What should I wear for maternity pictures?

If you are having a maternity session, we have beautiful gowns in our studio that are a wonderful option. Anything that makes you feel beautiful and radiant is great. You should keep with solid colors, because graphics and busy fabric detract from the focus.

Q. What about my partner and/or kids? What should they wear?

Oklahoma City Newborn Photographer advises solid colors that complement what you’re wearing or what everyone is wearing is best. Again, graphics and busy fabrics only serve to detract from the faces of those we are trying to focus on.

Q. What should my newborn wear to the photo session?

Our baby photographer Oklahoma City studio has props, wraps and various things to swaddle your clean, little bundle of joy in, but if you have certain outfits, or blankets or wraps that you especially want for your baby photography OKC session, let’s discuss what you should bring at your consultation.

You know that saying, you get what you pay for? Well, my family got more than our money’s worth! I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism, the selection, the options of how to get what I wanted the most. We love these guys and want to get all our professional photos done here!

Taylor Addison

What can I say, my little newborn was having a rough morning, I’d been trying to soothe him, but wasn’t having much luck. Our photographer turned out to be something of a “baby whisperer”. She took him and snuggled him and he went to sleep and was great for almost the whole session. That is customer service!!!

Ryann Watson

I was so impressed by the attention to detail and the overall attention given to me during my maternity session! It was such a relaxing, sweet time and actually let me slow down for a few minutes and take time to savor the moments I have with just me and this little human growing inside of me. The pictures really do reflect those happy feelings. Thank you so much!

Ashlynn Pruitt

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Baby photography OKC is our passion. Here at Newborn Photography OKC, we love babies and it shows! We have a gallery full of unique, fun and simply beautiful, little newborns, stunningly radiant expectant mothers and sweet, lively families to prove it. Our goal is to capture the personality and lifestyle of your individual family members and bring them together in a lovely cohesive way.

Give us a call right away, or fill out our quick and easy form and our Oklahoma City Newborn Photographer will contact you right away to set up a consultation. We can answer all your questions, schedule a maternity or baby photography newborn session and get you started on the journey to a beautiful family legacy filled with pictures that capture the smiles and laughter and happiness of these earliest moments.

Newborn Photography OKC

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